This was pretty much March 22nd, 2009: Part Two."

~ Sonic

On April 11, 2009, a few members, bored and wanting attention, created alt accounts under the name "Resurgence" and one under the name "Comrade Z." Their purpose was to spam the forum with bad sex jokes and idiotic posts. The Resurgences obviously pretended to be Resurgence and Comrade Z pretended to be (could've actually been)Tidus Strife.

Eventaully, after Kiske said "The mods should've banned them after seeing the intro topics." Sylux temporarily closed the forum, removed the posts, and deleted the alt accounts, and reopened it about 7 minutes later.

Key players in the eventEdit


He was the one who stopped the stupidity, albeit he did so fairly late.


Kiske woke up, went on NR around the time it started. He wasn't amused.


He admitted to being one of the Resurgences, but only posted once.


Unknown to the rest of NR, he was lurking NR anonymously while the multi-Resurgence craze was going on, and after seeing all the different Resurgences on the forum he was tempted to make another Resurgence account to join in on the "fun" but didn't. Later on Sylux reported to him that he just dealt with a spam raid on the Nintendo Rocket forums.

Others: Put your name and ect. here. I'm too lazy.

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