Arekkusu Kitsune or in short, AK found his way to Nintendo Rocket through Resurgence when he advertised NR in his sig over at the Powerpuff Girls Z forum "To The Z". Since that forum was kinda dying down in activity, he came on down and since then he hasn't been disappointed with the results. He absolutely adores Miyako AKA Rolling Bubbles from PPGZ and also has a great love for Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and Fuko from Clannad.


AK is one of NR's top brawlers and mains Peach, Diddy Kong, Metaknight, Sheik and ZSS. Lately he's devoted to completely mastering Peach and has already made quite the big name for himself. He continues to be a HUGE part of Nintendo Rocket with his presence.


  • AK's real name is Alex.
  • Arekkusu Kitsune loves to eat Pizza and lots of it.
  • AK is a Rabid PPGZ Miyako AKA Rolling Bubbles fanboy.
  • He also loves Fuko from Clannad with a major passion.
  • AK has an infatuation with Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy too.
  • In addition to SSBB, he enjoys playing Disgaea, Super Mario Galaxy, The World Ends With You, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, Capcom VS Snk and others.
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