The Awesome Smiley is one of the most beloved, yet insanely overrused, fads in Nintendo Rocket's 7 month plus long history. It was once an emoticon on NR, but was overrused to the point it made Ike in Brawl look like Magcargo. Its still remembered in many pictures found by many members, however.

Usually, when someone finds a picture of a character using the face, its usually referred to as "Awesome ______". Such as sonicheroes4ever's "Awesome Sylux", Kiske's "Awesome Thomas the Tank Engine", and Sonic's "Awesome Bowser" avatar.

In the dying days of its time on the forum, QuinKilo created the Sightings of the Epic Smiley thread, mainly as a place to show his useage of it in the game, Okami. "Epic" in there simply because he wasn't exactly sure of what to call it. It can be argued that this was one of the reasons that sped up the banning of the Awesome Smiley.

The Awesome Smiley also nearly led to Quin's victory in the Halloween Sig contest, which featured Sylux wearing an Awesome Smiley mask with Weegee behind him. It was disqualified due to it not meeting the qualifications.

Sonic is still looking for that pic of Awesome Meta Knight somewhere. Quin, however, is sure it is somewhere in the Chat Thread. Unknown to both of them, it the fact that Kiske has the pic on his computer.

The meme was banned after a large amount of citric acid was poured onto the scarily round object by the dictator. It was deposited into NR's dump, which contains industrial waste as well as someone's past issues of porn magazines.

Members on the Awesome SmileyEdit

  • MetalMario claims that the awesome smiley is part of his "internet culture" and that he will never stop using it on any forum no matter what.
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