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The classic appearance.

Bad Mr. Frosty (usually called BMF for short) is the main protaginist of the ClayFighter series of video games. Bad Mr. Frosty is a snowman with legs that has appeared in all the ClayFighter games released and is basically the flagship character. As the series he stars in suggests,

His appearance has changed greatly throughout the series. First, he appeared as a normal fellow, being your standard well-balanced character being the main lead. He wore a blue top hat, black coal buttons, black eyes, and a carrot nose. He also appears to have coal "claws" on his hands. Even though they are black on the box, in the game itself they actually appear to be orange.

ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay gave him slightly darker tone. He still had the nose, coal, and claws. This time he had more ferocious eyes and wore a blue backwards baseball cap.

ClayFighter 63 1/3 gave the character a massive makeover. For one, he appears to be much larger, stronger, and muscular, a lot more freaky looking, has wooden claws, and he has his top hat from the original back, only its purple now.

His attacks include turning into a snowball ala Blanka of Street Fighter fame, an extendo-glove styled strong punch, throwing snowballs from his hand, a Wario-styled shoulder charge, and blowing icy wind at foes.

It is possible he could be Frosty the Snowman's evil twin of some sort...

NR Character BattleEdit

Bad Mr. Frosty fights Ky Kiske in Round 1 of the Winter 2008 Battle.

He actually doesn't have that bad of a shot.

That's how underrated Guilty Gear is. >_>

Member's opinions on BMFEdit

  • Sonic thinks Bad Mr. Frosty is awesome, but prefers Ickybod Claw and The Blob over him.
  • Resurgence doesn't care too much for him really.
  • Kiske is neutral to him and doesn't really know much about him.
  • Shambuu thinks the N64 Frosty was awesome.


  • Bad Mr Frosty has an evil clone named "Ice" in Clayfighter 2 that you battle at the end of the main game.
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