Bazzoka is a guy who tries to get along with people, but doesn't usually talk much. He doesn't like people disrespecting others unless those being disrespected are being more disrespectful.

Feeling slightly biased about telling info about himself over the internet and somewhat modest, he refuses to put too much info about himself, so this page may not be updated beyond what has already been put down along with changes to a few of the trivia points.


Bazzoka is another fellow member brought to NR via Resurgence and his advertising antics during September 2nd 2008. Though, it wasn't until the day after he decided to join. He was originally from KRR, the biggest English Kirby website. He is a big video gamer and fellow Kirby fan as well and generally likes all anime.

Bazzoka also lurks a lot but not as much when he started out. It should also be noted he only lurks the Brawl Frontier forum and nothing else, leaving him completely clueless when big events happen in other forums and ends up seeing big things happen by chance in a different forum, resulting in some form of leaving or something.

However, as of April 5th, is general time on NR has been reduced to only a few minutes on average. This is due to the game Rhythm Heaven and it's massive addictingness. He lurks a lot more then he did before. He does, however, still plays Brawl regularly against CPU's so his skills won't completely die.


  • Bazzoka had appendicitis a few days before the school year of 2008-2009 started and had his appendix removed.
  • He enjoys almost any song, but prefers J-Pop and video game songs above others.
  • He likes to play rhythm games such as Ouendan/EBA and Taiko no Tatsujin
  • Bazzoka tends to write out posts, giving his entire feel on the matter, then decides it'd be stupid to post it and go back to the previous page. This also occurs at various other places.
  • He plays any character in Brawl if he feels up to it.
  • Currently mains, for SSBB, Ganondorf and Sonic. This might be the last change in a while.
  • He tends to use ":V" or variations of it quite a bit.
  • Lives in Canada
  • Originated from Kirby's Rainbow Resort.
  • He likes to sprite things in various game styles. eg. Ace Attorney style, Kirby Advance style, etc.
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