Blissey in original Japanese language versions, is very compassionate and caring, and if it detects any feelings of sadness through its fur, it will immediately sprint towards the source and share one of its eggs. This egg is an exquisite delicacy in the Pokémon universe, and it immediately causes whoever eats it to enter a state of euphoria, becoming kindhearted to everyone. Blissey will tend to any ailing creature with loving care, using the healing power in its egg.

In the anime, Blissey appeares a lot in Pokémon Centers alongside Nurse Joy. Blissey and the various Nurse Joys (of which there are many) are trusted with the medical care of many different types of Pokemon. Almost all of Blissey's Pokémon Center appearances are mainly in the Johto Saga. In one episode, Jessie of Team Rocket reunites a Blissey who used to be a Chansey when they were both studying to be nurses.

In the game however, Blissey has the most "hit points" of any Pokémon, meaning that it has the most stamina of any Pokémon. It is a female-only species. Blissey is also the most OU Special Sponge in the game too. It's Special Defense is well over 300+ so it's capable of walling every STAB'd Special Attack easily. With Softboiled in it's arsenal, T-Wave to slow down the opposition and Seismic Toss to deal solid damage it can easily outlast any special threat. It is also known for carrying the occasional Ice Beam to smack the 4x weak Dragons that try to come in on it to punish it with physical attacks. Also, Stealth Rock is another nice support move that it throws out early to deal residual damage to every poke that switches in.

There is also a combo in the games that teams Blissey up with Skarmory, another wall. However in this case, Skarmory walls physical. This combo is known as 'SkarmBliss' or 'BlissSkarm', and is considered to be one of the cheapest combos in Pokémon.

Member's opinions on BlisseyEdit

  • Resurgence thinks Blissey is EVILY annoying in the Pokemon D/P metagame. He prefers to see the UU Clefable over it any day since it can learn Cosmic Power and wall on BOTH sides.
  • Kuja Doesn't care about Blissey anymore. Used Blissey when first started, along with Skarmory but never knew about SkarmBliss. Now a days looks to Suicune as his main tanker.
  • Kirbyfan66 will likely never care about Blissey until he/she is in Smash. Probably.
  • Sonic thinks Blissey needs to be ON LESS FUCKING TEAMS and can't really stand this big egg thing anymore along with all the other nubs who just spam SkarmBliss.
  • Rey: She's a whore. I just know it.
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