Bomberman is the cute robotic denizen of Diamond City created by Professor Dynamite. The gaming company Hudson Soft was made famous & quite successful because of him. He even has a line of his own figurines in Japan that shoot marbles out from it's chest. Resurgence purchased one a few years ago when he was still a fan.


He goes around defending the world by blowing up baddies with the power of his explosive black bombs which you can intensify with various power ups such as "Gold Flames" which increase the blast radius, Red Bombs which blow through SEVERAL rows of blocks instead of just one. Others consisted of Remote Bombs which you can set off yourself at any time, and Speed Skates which help to increase Bomberman's agility. He has numerous successful games on various gaming systems but the ones that solidified his career would have to be Super Bomberman (SNES) and Bomberman 64 (Nintendo 64).

Bomberman in the Bomberman Jetters animeEdit

Member's opinions on BombermanEdit

  • Resurgence at one point was a MAJOR Bomberman fan but eventually grew tired of his games. His fav BM games were Bomberman 64 and Super Bomberman.
  • Shambuu thinks Bomberman is pretty cool and he wants him in the next SSB game. He was hoping for Bomberman in Brawl but that didn't happen |:
  • Lavama almost beat Bomberman Hero, but it got stolen at a Boys & Girls Club. He is also playing Bomberman 64, trying to beat it.
  • Bazzoka likes Bomberman as a character, not so much for his games. Though he thought the games were cool. Bazzoka also thought that Bomberman would have been a great addition to the Smash series and also thinks that Hudson having great ties to Nintendo via the Mario Party series might help his chances.
  • Kiske has only played one of his games, but liked it a lot.


  • Bomberman was a rumored character at one point to be in SSBB but never made it through.
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