Boss Jr is another big brawler on Nintendo Rocket. He like numerous others was also brought there by Resurgence. He mains Bowser and takes extreme pride in being one of his best users. He's always looking for a fight in the Brawl Chat so if your up and coming, he's a great brawler to begin your game with.


Boss Jr. actually got his start in foruming after playing Pokémon Diamond and devising "The Ultimate Team". He began to browse the web in search of others by which to measure his team by and discovered the Pokémon Meta Game. He then joined a dead Pokémon forum under the alias jr.100. But got no feedback on his team so he left and joined Shiftry's Mystic Forest (a.k.a SMF). Another Pokémon forum run by Hooh4ever. in a very short time he became their most active member even passing up the Staff Members! Not too long after that Boss Jr. discovered The Aurora Gate Forums (a.k.a TAG) and begun to distribute his activity between the two. Unfortunately SMF closed and in it's place MetalMeb (a Moderater at SMF) started Absol's Red Eclipse (a.k.a ARE) which very effectively replaced SMF. However still feeling very displaced he started his own forum known as Wii Experience (a.k.a WE). Around the same time HiddenzBu creator and Root Admin of TAG offered him a Global Moderater position on their staff. He took it but soon found that he was unable to devote his undivided attention to his position as Global Mod due to being Root Admin of WE and resigned. Ever since then Boss Jr. has devoted all of his free time to maintaining his forum and becoming the most dominating Bowser user to ever grace the online Brawling Arena!


  • One of the few Bowser users on NR. The others being Rust, Sonic and Rugaji.
  • Catch Phrase: "Prepare for EPIC Bowserism!"
  • Doesn't own a Computer capable of going online. As such he browses the web completely from his Nintendo Wii.
  • Boss Jr.'s favorite food are all thing Egg, but especially Fried Eggs.
  • Boss Jr.'s favorite colors are Black & Red.
  • Boss Jr. happens to be really into Comic Books and hopes to pencil his own creations one day.
  • Boss Jr. has an affinity for images of Skulls, though even he doesn't know why.
  • Boss Jr. is really into the Resident Evil franchise.
  • Boss Jr.'s favorite Resident Evil character is the series main antagonist Albert Wesker.
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