The members. Except ChanServ, of course.

The Bowser Rape Train is a very strange discussion in the IRC that happened on January 30, 2009. Sonic changed his name to Bowser2 and then everyone else turned into Bowser(number). The members of the original rape train are listed below.

The ListEdit



Polli was in the IRC when it was formed, but never got to transform. ChanServ of course, but he's secretly Bowser-1.

Also, Kieran joined for about 4 seconds, and then left. He didn't want to ruin anything.


Morendo, the last Bowser to jump off the train.

The bowser rape train died at 11:20 P.M. CST when the last member signed off, leaving Morendo all on his own. You can't be a train with just one person.

This is a prime example that nothing on NR will ever be funny.

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