The big list of Friend Codes for Brawl. There isn't really a topic for this on NR so to make it really easy we're just going to put it on the Wiki.

You can exchange these with members on NR to play games with them. You cannot play a member until you've both added each other, though.

Make sure that you add yourself in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Brawl Code List
Nintendo Rocket ID Brawl Friend Code Brawl Nickname
Arekkusu Kitsune 0731-4447-8948 AK47
Auzima 4554 1394 5932 Darky
Bazzoka 0044-2997-3905 Bazz
Blade 2707-1259-3324
Boss Jr. 2578-2875-4205 BOSS
Daroach 3523-2390-4279
Dr. Genzo 4897-5606-0889 Genzo
Ghor771 2707-1302-7933 Blade
ivan209 1590-4413-9322 IVAN
Jon 1418-6358-5121 Jon
King Nothing 0989-1878-6911 King/
kirbyfan66 3609-0720-2054 KF66, Vinny
Kiske 1976-9829-9143 Kiske, Ky_DS
Lavama 4811-8945-1541 Samus, Dorda, PoR, others
pauzle 2449 4301 1005 Pauz
Pkjd 0688-8032-3016 pKjd
Max Loire 3609-2666-8806 Epiph
Metaclaw 3222-5248-8398 METZ
MetalMario 2449-7671-2831
Recon 2793-1914-6019
Resurgence 4811-6612-9103 Resur
Rust 4940-5111-7981 Rust
Semphis 0903-2408-0112 SEM
Shambuu 3050-7259-1850 Sham, Buu
Sonic 2234-6815-1233 Sonic
sonicheroes4ever 1976-9860-1348 SH4E
Super Ganondorf 3351-3745-2360 SUPER
Syarith 2320-8863-4112 SYA
Tidus Strife 3179-5737-4488 Rainy
Umandsf 2191-7408-3398
Xepher 4124-4777-0753
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