Bronzong is another OU Steel/Psychic Pokemon in Diamond & Pearl. Unlike Metagross, his stats focus more on the defensive side, which is bad as noobs on wi-fi only care for the offensive. Both his physical & special defenses exceed 300 so this thing can soak up attacks quite easily, like a sponge. Not to mention both of it's abilities "Heatproof" and "Levitate" respectively give it advantages to ground & fire moves. Normally, Bronzong is used to set up Stealth Rocks, put certain pokes to sleep with Hypnosis, and it can use Explosion as a nice final surprise. However, seeing a destructive bell is something only Game Freak can be wacky enough to think about.


Some Bronzong tend to carry Earthquake for fire types that think it's safe to switch in on it. Flash Cannon / Calm Mind / Sleep Talk Bronzong is also quite common too .

Nbz on YouTube had a very memorable and funny quote pertaining to Bronzong in one of his Wifi battles:

"Bronzong bites the dust with a Megahorn to the friggin face.....although it doesn't really have a face it's just a massive bell."

Member's opinions on BronzongEdit

  • Resurgence thinks Bronzong is cool and can be quite formidable as it has a nice varied move pool and could tank physically and specially well.
  • Kiske dislikes Bronzong because IT WON'T EVER DIE.
  • Sylux hates Bronzong, because of it's annoying role in the elite four.
  • Chopstix still can't figure out what the fuck Bronzong is. Is it a bell? Is is supposed to resemble a gong, FUCK I DON'T KNOW.
  • Sonic thinks Bronzong in Pokemon is like good Diddys and Peaches in Brawl: Once you fight one, you'll wish you never even had the game.
  • Kuja Doesn't see the whole hype about Bronzong because he always OHKO it with Heatran or Alakazam.
  • Rey thinks Bronzy is worthless.
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