Captain Falcon is the star of the F-Zero series, although very much like Marth and Fire Emblem, less than a decimal of his fanbase is actually from F-Zero.


He is best known for the infamous Falcon Punch meme, a fiery punch named after himself that assumedly has insane amounts of power. The character himself is also a meme for his so called "manliness", making it so many people essentially use him as Nintendo's Chuck Norris in a way.

He is also well known for the Knee of Justice, his Forward Aerial Attack in Melee and Brawl. Its damn near useless in Brawl, pretty much.

The NR members who main the Captain and play him quite well would be SMRPG1, Kirbyfan66, Bazzoka, and Shambuu.

Members on FalconEdit

  • Sonic believes C. Falcon is godly and calls him "Captain Win" to show this, not to mention he is one of Sonic's top 2 in Brawl along with Bowser. Sonic also demands F-Zero Wii to be made.
  • Kiske thinks that C. Falcon is is very cool and deserves a DS and Wii game.
  • Shambuu wants an epic F-Zero remake staring Captain Falcon for the Wii.
  • Resurgence loved Falcon and mained him in Melee but thinks he went downhill in Brawl.
  • SMRPG1 believes Craptain Falcon is awesome and is looked down upon in Brawl.
  • Kirbyfan66 likes Falcon in Brawl, but thinks he is terrible in Melee.
  • Metaclaw believes that Falcon Punch can destroy everything.
  • Kuja has one thing to say: "FALCON PUNCH!" .... also now believes Captain Falcon, Jecht and Chuck Norris deserves their own 'manly' group not realising it as a meme until this very page.
  • Tutankoopa often uses Captain Falcon as the "suckage test", usually killing very terrible players in an entertaining manner. However, in the process of using this lol-main, Tutankoopa has actually become a solid player with him, and can give most players a decent challenge.
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