"If there was an "awesome" award, Chopstix would have already won it. If there wasn't one, Chopstix would have still gotten it. He is that awesome". - Sylux

Chopstix is the sexiness of NR. His luminous awesomeness makes Sonic cower in fear. He makes Bowser look like a rock with some doodles over him, and is so godly not even all of Brawl's team could beat him. Why? Because Brawl is overrated in over 12 different ways.


Sylux found Nintendo Rocket after Chopstix wished it be so. Many people think Sylux created Nintendo Rocket. This is only, I repeat ONLY, because Chopstix is so humble he does not take the credit which truly belongs to him. Also, Sylux offers a sacrifice of 2 lambs, 6 loves of bread, and 4 fanboys to Chopstix every Day. In return, Chopstix does nothing and remains epic by beating the crap out of anyone who is impure.

Chopstix stayed an active member on NR for a long time, until he was promoted to moderator because he had a dream in which a small cat fought a dragon on the top of Mt. Everest.

The Cat Won by a fatality.

Chopstix has, to this day, remained a mod, although he did retire for about three days because of some reatrded meme-whoring members.

Outside of NR, he is active on other amazing places such as Flash under Destruction (aka a Large Throbbing Penis) and Smash Legends. He also goes to other forums, but not many of the NR staff are aware. Chopstix is a god at all sites he goes to. No questions.

Personal LifeEdit

Chopstix doesn't have a "Personal Life", he IS "Personal Life". Why? Because his Penis is bigger than yours. This has been proven by the laws of physics, and by previous people he's had sex with.

Friends Of Nintendo RocketEdit

Chopstix's last friend was Harry Truman. His last enemy was Japan. Chopstix creates glitches in the wiki so there is no list.


  • Chopstix's singing can make you look in awe. He also has the best voice in NR.
  • Chopstix is G.A.P.
  • Not only can Chopstix act, but he can also moderate.
  • Bun buns are what Chopstix eats every day.
  • When Chopstix masturbates, a kitten is born.
  • Chopstix's alias is John Wilkes Booth
  • Chopstix Abolished Slavery.
  • Chopstix fucked so many women, he got bored with them.
  • Chopstix doesn't give a flying fuck if your pussy ass doesn't like swearing.
  • Chopstix can lift a boulder with his tongue.
  • Chopstix's penis is so big it reaches Jupiter. However, due to its mass, Jupiter orbits around his penis, and not the other way round.
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