Entei is one of the second legendary trio to appear in the Pokemon Games. It is said that an Entei is born whenever a volcano erupts. It is also said that whenever Entei roars, a volcano erupts somewhere in the world.



In the gamesEdit

Entei is a pure fire based Legendary Pokemon. This means it has a 2x Weakness to Ground, Rock, Water. It also resists Fire, Ice, Grass, Steel and Bug. This however gives it a weakness to Stealth Rock.

Entei, along with it's two counterparts, Suicune and Raikou, are the first roaming legendary pokemon in the games.

With 115 base HP, it has the highest HP of the legendary beasts. It also sports 115 base ATK meaning it can use physicals pretty well. 90 SpA, although lower than most legendaries is still nothing to shrug about.

Entei can be used as a extremely effective SunnyDay/SolarBeamer.

Entei was given huge improvements from the ADV games when it entered D/P/Pl. This has given it more options.

Entei is in the NU environment.

In the AnimeEdit

Entei first appeared in a movie. But it wasn't really Entei.

A real one appeared in the anime later.

Other AppearencesEdit

Entei appears a Pokemon in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It uses Fire Spin.

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Members on EnteiEdit

  • Kuja dislikes Entei. In his opinion it's Ugly. Oh, and it's the worst of the legendary beast competitively. However he was kind enough to write the article on Entei.
  • Rey ...What the fuck IS Entei exactly?
  • Sonic likes Entei the most of the three beasts of Johto, but he can understand that it sucks competitively compared to Raikou and Suicune.
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