"Smashville > FD" ~ Sonic


Final Destination is the most basic and ridiculously overused to the point of wanting to point a sausage in your face. A stage in Melee and Brawl. Used in many different tourneys in many different ways, Final Destination is currently the most used stage in the world. More overrused then the 300 sparta meme, which is seemingly impossible.

Sonic rants about how overrused it is and how it gives campy characters like Falco and grab-based characters like King Dedede massive advantages. Sylux also agrees its overrused and that Smashville is indeed better, thanks to Smashville having references to a game that isn't SSBB, and the presence of the raccoon Tom Nook.

Final Destination is used so much if you got a record of how many matches were played on it, you'd get over 10,000,000.


  • This is the 50th article made on the Nintendo Rocket Wiki. Funny, as you need to beat event 51 to unlock the stage in Melee.
  • Final Destination is an unlockable stage in Melee, but it is a default stage in Brawl.
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