Final Fantasy VII (usually just called FF7) is widely considered to be the most overrated thing in history by most of NR, and that is all that needs to be said. The only reason it is considered overrated is because of the fact everyone doesn't like Sephiroth, but no one dares admit it. Despite it's awesome sword fights, it is still considered overrated, because everyone loves to jump upon the bandwagon.

Sniperwhere is one of the game's main defenders on NR, but otherwise, its generally not accepted. Sylux for example dislikes it because of it's incredibly dull and stereotyped plot. Rust, however, laughs at "dull and stereotyped plot" because, back in the day of FF7, it was as original as original could be and the only reason why it is considered stereotyped now is because so many RPG's that came after wanted to be like it.

Members on FF7Edit

  • Sonic thinks the game is a failure solely because of Sephiroth and Cloud Strife.
  • White Lightning also hates the game for the same reasoning as Sonic.
  • Kiske thinks that the game is much too overrated and gets way more attention than it deserves.
  • Sylux loves FF7's amazing graphical fighting, and thinks its kickass. However, the plot sucks.
  • Rust thinks that FF7 is a great game, one that he is looking forward to replaying in the near future. Also, <3 Red XIII.
  • Sniperwhere Loves every aspect of the game, even the primitive geometrical graphics. Can talk your ear off for hours about the game.

Contest RepresentationEdit

  • Cloud Strife (Winter 2008 Contest)
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