Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the direct sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. If also features Ike, returning even more broken than ever.

It is widely considered the best Fire Emblem game on NR. Critics have given it fairly mixed reception scoring a 79% average. It scored a 9.5 out of 10 from Nintendo Power; but it also scored a 6.0 from GameSpot.

The game is seperated into 4 different parts. WARNING- SPOILERS AHEAD. REALLY, THE PLOT IS REVEALED- RUN.

The first part, you play as the Daein Dawn Brigade, with units like Michaih, Sothe, Edward, Leonardo, and Nolan. Familiar favorite like the amazing Muarim, the finally good in Radiant Dawn Tormod, the beastly Zihark, and more. Newcomers come along, though most are wastes. Most say that the best newcomer is indeed Nolan.

The second part puts you in control of Crimea. Civil War is the story as citizens of Crimea don't believe in Elincia's ability to rule as a queen. More favorites return, like Marcia, Lucia, Mordecai, Callill, and Brom. Broken units are among units now, like Nephenee, Haar, and (if used to great potential), Kieran.

The third part, the most important part, is played mainly by Ike and the Greil Mercanaries. The Laguz Alliance has gone to war with the Begnion Senate, and Ranulf hires Ike and his group to help him. You also play as Daein again, which is stupid since about 5 of your units have good material. You also take control of the Crimean Royal Knights for a chapter. You also get a talk scene between Oscar and Kieran. X3

The final part takes place after Lehran's Medallion's curse is broken. The group is split into teams- the Silver Army, the Greil Army, and the Hawk Army. You kill many important characters, which is a basically a message from Nintendo saying "No more sequels." Kirbyfan66 thinks that they focused to hard on units like Haar, Boyd, and Tormod and don't want to again.

Sylux also doesn't like the title of this game for OBVIOUS REASONS.

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