Game_Freak is a Pearlshipper supporter, who showed his feelings in the IRC. However, like Pearlshipperfanboy680, he was Sy'd five seconds later. Game_Freak is not to be confused with Game Freak, the company that makes Pokemon.

The convo at IRCEdit

<Game_Freak>: I'm going to have Ash and Dawn have a truly wondrous time together next episode. Mwahahahah

  • 18:30 <Ursaring>: Needs giant bear with ring on chest.
  • 18:30 <Kayla>: YES
  • 18:30 <Game_Freak>: yes to my statement? Or to Sonics?
  • 18:30 <Kayla>: "Lord of the forest is........returned."
  • 18:30 *** Ursaring is now known as WTF
  • 18:30 <Game_Freak>: fair enough. Glad to see a Pearlshipper in the IRC.
  • 18:30 WTF <- this.
  • 18:31 <Game_Freak>: You stole that from SYLUX SONIC. D:<
  • 18:31 <Game_Freak>: ? I thought you supported it.
  • 18:31 <WTF>: D:>
  • 18:31 <Game_Freak>: Because you see.... I support Pearlshipping too.
  • 18:31 Game_Freak Sy'd
  • 18:31 *** Game_Freak is now known as Sy
  • 18:31 <Sy>: D:<<<<<<<
  • 18:31 <Kayla>: LOL
  • 18:31 <Sy>: GRAUGH!!!!
  • 18:31 <Sy>: *Sy'd Game_Freak


  • Game_Freak is the first person to get Sy'd in front of someone.
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