Gengar is a Pokemon of the Pokemon series. It is #94 in the National Pokedex. It is most famous for being the final form of the very first family of Ghost-type Pokemon. To this day, Gengar has obtained respectable popularity, and is probably the most famous Ghost Pokemon. It resides in the Overused environment.

In the gamesEdit

Gengar, ever since it was made, served one purpose and one purpose only: Killing things fast. 130 Special Attack is definitely nothing to sneeze at; he can easily take Pokemon out in one or two turns with his diverse set of moves, including Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball, Psychic, Focus Blast, and Hidden Power. (usually Ice or Fighting) With 110 Speed, it will also usually be able to gets it job accomplished quickly with almost no trouble at all.

Gengar is also known for majorly screwing up things with several status moves. It has access to Hypnosis making it one of the fastest sleep inducers in the series. It also can use Will-O-Wisp to deal major crippling to physical-based attackers. Thunder Wave is probably the least used of the "Big 3", but it can paralyze things quickly if you aren't getting good luck with Thunderbolt. (really, you shouldn't be relying on a 10% chance. =\)

Also, it can always just GO BOOM. 65 Attack, yeah, but it still hurts.

Gengar however is incredibly fragile. With very poor 60/60/75 defenses it WILL usually go down in 1 turn. This combined with the lack of a reliable healing move make if very poor defensively. Its typing is fairly decent, giving it immunities to Normal and Fighting. Levitate enables it to laugh at Earthquake like no tomorrow, which is a big bonus.


On April 4th, 2009, Gengar has become, like Jynx, a subject of controversy over Racism in Pokemon. A hacker managed to get hundreds of people to accept a mystery gift with a Shiny (Black) Gengar called "Nigger." The movesets of the said Pokemon had Sludge Bomb, Sucker Punch, Thief and Snatch. It held the Black Sludge item, had the Naughty nature and the Truant ability, liked spicy food, and was caught in a Safari Ball.

Members on GengarEdit

  • Kiske loves Gengar to no end and is his favorite Pokemon.
  • Sonic thinks Gengar is epic, and its also Sonic's favorite Ghost Pokemon.
  • Resurgence prefers Mismagius as it's cooler looking in his view and generally dislikes Gengar as it's almost in every wifi match like Garchomp.
  • Kuja calls his Gengar 'Seven', and is one of his MVPs in his team.
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