Geno is a doll that appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Damn near everyone on NR says he's one of the most overrated things to walk the Earth, even nearing close to FF7 on the overrated scale. Geno is famous for having his own theme song, as well as an wide array of attacks from Geno Whirl all the way to the magical Geno Blast, which is probably a name as inspired as Reggie's phrase in E3 ("That's why they call me the Regginator"). Geno also is one of some who are resistant to love.

NR Character BattleEdit

Worst. Bracket. Placing. Ever.

Link will screw him over so much.

Sonic is amused.

Member's OpinionsEdit

  • Sonic thinks Geno is failure.
  • Sylux also thinks Geno is a failure and prefers Exor, the giant sword from Super Mario RPG, over him.
  • Kiske thinks that Geno isn't a failure, but is really overrated to the point of almost Final Fantasy VII.
  • SMRPG1 likes Geno, and sees him as a versatile fighter in the game SMRPG.
  • Kirbyfan66 likes Geno, but only in SMPRG. He supports Geno in the game, but not enough to be a Smash character.
  • Chopstix has always found it ironic that the supporters of even more idiotic things don't like Geno.
  • King Nothing uses Geno in SMRPG almost the whole time, but doesn't necessarily support him. He's not against him either.
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