Ghor771 is a member from the forum "Hellfire". It's not really too active or popular however so Ghor now resides at Nintendo Rocket mainly posting in the Brawl Frontier area looking for battles. He enjoys playing SSBB all the time and he proudly mains two characters who are RARELY ever seen used on NR in that of Samus & Link.He also enjoys doing coding for ZetaBoards, and is working on a Nintendo Themed RPG for ZB, based off an RPG code he found. Names known by: Ghor771, Striking Fire


  • Ghor has two dogs, both named after drinks.
  • Ghor mains Samus and Link, and has tried using Fox,Snake,Wolf,Ike, and Meta Knight
  • On his board Hellfire, Ghor made a nintendo themed RPG for his community.
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