Godot is the main prosecutor/God of the third Phoenix Wright game, "Trials and Tribulations", and is Phoenix's coffee loving nemesis who wants to rule the world. Kiske is a fan of him. Apparently, Godot has become one of NR's mascots because he actually suceeded in SMRPG's NR mascot audition.

Personality Edit

Most everything about Godot is a mystery. In court he is smug, precise, and unrelenting. Though not as "cruel" as the von Karmas, he's a formidable opponent who regularly demeans the defense. He also has a deep grudge against Phoenix personally (probably must be the hair style).

Godot wears the visor because of an incident in which he had to "come back from the dead."

Godot drinks coffee constantly. He's been known to drink up to 17 cups during a single trial (never more than that), and has an untold number of various personal blends.

Godot purposefully mispronounces Mr. Wright as Mr. Trite to show his disdain for him (Naruhodou as "Maruhodou" in Japanese).

Godot's catchphrase is "That's my rule."

Name Origin Edit

"Godot" comes from the name of a famous play, "Waiting for Godot." The "t" is silent. It is pronounced "Go-doh."

How Godot will rule the worldEdit

It has been speculated Godot will one day rule this world. This is his plan:

  • Save loads of people via cases
  • After ten years, he'll ask all of the people he's saved to "join forces" to repay him.
  • Godot will appear in SSB4 to make himself even better while the supporters overthrow the supreme judge.
  • Then Godot will be worldly famous. After which he can take down the military with help of his rabid fans.

Members on GodotEdit

  • Sonic thinks Godot is awesome and deserves some credit.
  • Kiske is Godot's biggest fan on NR.
  • White Lightning thinks Godot is the best Phoenix Wright character ever.
  • Shambuu agrees with White Lightning.
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