Ice Climbers is a vertical platformer developed and published by Nintendo for the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.[1] The video game features Popo and Nana, collectively known as the Ice Climbers, venturing up 32 ice-covered mountains to recover stolen vegetables from a giant condor. In 1984, a slightly different and lesser known version was released as part of the arcade Vs. Series called Vs. Ice Climber. In some countries of Europe, the console game was bundled with the NES, increasing the game's familiarity outside Japan.

The Ice Climbers appear as playable fighters in the Super Smash Bros. series. Their symbol is an eggplant, the first vegetable rescued from the original game. Although they are collectively the same fighter, players only control Popo while Nana mimics his every move, and vice-versa if the player switches the costume and the character.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Ice Climber's appear along side polar bears and Toppies in Adventure Mode. The seal and yeti Topi respectively appear in the Japanese and Western version of the game. Popo and Nana's stage is "Icicle Mountain," a level partially influenced by the mountains of Ice Climber. However, their target test stage is a direct, 2.5D representation of NES-style graphics. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Ice Climbers return with a different stage. "The Summit" recreates the bonus level mountain peak right down to the original vegetables. Enemies from the NES title appearing in Brawl include the polar bear and condor. Along with these new Ice Climber elements, a demo of the original 1985 game appears along with other Virtual Console titles as apart of the "Masterpieces" collection.

One notable NR Member that is currently in the works with them are Jon. Resurgence in the past tried to use them but just couldn't utilize them well enough. Kirbyfan66 has mained them for a while, but still isn't as good as Jon's, for obvious reasons.

Member's opinions on Ice ClimbersEdit

  • Resurgence thinks the ICs are very underrated in Brawl and after seeing the two YouTube pros Void & EGale use them, knows they are VERY capable of beating almost anyone.


  • They have starred in one game on the NES in 1985.
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