• 1) Falco
  • 2) G&W
  • 3) Fox
  • 4) Yoshi
  • 6) Snake
  • 7) IC


  • 1) Falco
  • 2) Mario
  • 3) Pikachu
  • 4) IC


  • 1) Pikachu
  • 2) Mario

Brawl HystoryEdit

I origonaly first played Super Smash Bros Melee at a friends house, and I was imeditly addicted, and this is what got me into video games. At the time I had only owned the SNES and a gameboy color (I had the gb poket befor that). So for that christmas I asked for a gamecube and super smash bros. melee. And so that is what I got, but eventualy lost intreat in it.

But in the year 2005 I had heard talk about a new super smash bros. but pushed it aside until I fond out that the Wii was coming out. And then I knew, a new system must mean a new SSB. So I waited for what felt forever until I heard the offical release date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, coming december 2008. I was realy wanted to see how this game turned out. So about a month after hearing the release date I went down to my local Game Crazy to pre-order it.



  • Brawl
  • Baseball
  • Video games
  • Computers
  • Comidy
  • Girls


  • Emo people
  • Exessive Cursing
  • Stupidity
  • Dk

Friendships with other members on NREdit

None as of now


  • My origonal Smash Bros.64/Melee main was Pikachu, becuase I was a HUGH pokemon fan back then
  • I am a sonic fanboy, but I don't like to be called that because most sonic fanboys are stupid (witch I am not).
  • I can't spell to save my life
  • Has completed my pokedex, with out cheating
  • Was Born in Cuba
  • Does not like LOZ
  • Hates Battle Field
  • Can't fight Donkey Kongs
  • Ivan's real name is Ivan
  • Ivan lives in Henderson, Nevada (right out side of Las Vegas)

Tournys gone to / place gotEdit

  • 4th place in all yoshi tourney
  • 3th in Coronado high school dubbles tourney
  • 12th in Only Space animals tourney
  • 5th in Mid-night relese of super smash bros.
  • (Insert place for) Las Vegas Play n Trade
  • 5th in Coronado HS super smash bros melee tourney
  • 5th in Smash Society ranking tourney
  • that is all I can think of off the top of my head.


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