Jigglypuff is the famous Balloon Pokemon that is known for lulling it's opposition to sleep in the anime, bitch slapping and drawing all over people's faces. She does most of those things in the Super Smash Bros series as well.


She takes a LOT of time to practice & master in every Smash game especially in Brawl since most of her smashes now suffer great lag. Her Rest is watered down too, and shield breaking results in instant death for her which forces her to avoid ground games at any cost. You'll want her to be delivering all her damage in the air. In other words you'll be relying on Pounds, Wall of Pains, cleverly timed air Rollouts and air juggling.

The only NR Member that really uses her on occasions & plays her quite well in Brawl would be Resurgence. Kiske has also started to use her, but is only decent with her.

Jigglypuff in the Pokemon animeEdit

Member's opinions on JigglypuffEdit

  • Resurgence likes Jigglypuff and mained her in the original Smash Bros for the 64. He used her for fun in Melee. He also enjoyed her Pokemon anime appearances, too. Occasionally, he uses her in Brawl for fun too.
  • Sonic hates Jigglypuff with a passion, but still doesn't hate it nearly as much as Pikachu or Lucario.
  • Lavama loves Jigglypuff's play style in the Smash Bros. Series, and is trying to learn how to play her.
  • Kiske prefers Jigglypuff over Kirby by miles and actually mained her in Melee.
  • Rey thinks Jigglypuff is Kirby's straight brother.


  • Jigglypuff is the 2nd most popular Pokemon next to Pikachu.
  • Jigglypuff are both male and female, but the main one in the anime and in Smash Bros. are generally considered to be female.
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