Kirby, one of the characters Jon uses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Jon is another fellow recruit brought to Nintendo Rocket by Resurgence and his constant advertising. This guy quickly made a name for himself in the SSBB Forum with his crafty Kirby (character) & devilish Olimar. In FFAs most NR Members find themselves teaming up against him cause he just manages to outmaneuver & outplay Brawlers in 1v1. He is very modest and looks at himself as just an "OK player" when clearly in game play he shows MUCH more promise then that. This tends to damage the self esteem of a few other brawlers.

Jon used to visit another community site called Nintendo University. As of now, he rarely goes there anymore due to a recent decline of activity. He also won two Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments there. He visits All is Brawl and Smash World Forums under the guise of Luso. He is currently part of a group called NeW on SWF.

If anyone on NR wants a true test in SSBB battling, this is one player you don't want to overlook. As of right now, he is probably the best Brawler on Nintendo Rocket.



Kirbyfan is a member who Jon sees a fellow fan of Kirby. He thinks his Kirby in SSBB is top-notch, and he wonders if Kirbyfan really dislikes FFVII. He finds Kirbyfan's Meta Knight in SSBB really well trained, but he also despises him due to his obscure balance with the rest of the characters.


  • One night in FFAs, Jon did not lose a SINGLE match out of the 9-10 that he, Resurgence, Pkjd and Tidus Strife all took part in. Mind you all three of those guys are no slouches, either.
  • Jon did not originally use Kirby as a 'main' but rather as a gimmick character.
  • Jon dislikes it when opponents pick or counter-pick Top Tier characters against him.
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