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Meh, otherwise known as Keith or kcc. He first started interneting in 2007. His first act was the join the MMORPG Pokemon Crater, which then lead the joining of a forum named Digishadows which was meant to be a suppose Digimon MMORPG. On that site he stumbled upon a link that gave him access to the forums, Pokedox, Pokemon Gateway( as it was called) and Cronic's site.

He gained some popularity on, Dox, Gatewat, and DigiShadows. On Cronics site he befriended Ben King and Houndoom101. Once that forum, had died in circumstances I never found out as I had gone missing for 3-4 months, I came back and saw the forum PT. It already was active and was heading towards greatness.



  1. Loves Pokemon
  2. Loves DBZ
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