Kingdra is a Water/Dragon Pokemon that is in the BL Tier of the Diamond & Pearl list. It makes the occasional wifi appereances in some teams and when it does you can almost always expect a Rain Dance to be triggered, especially if it's ability is "Swift Swim" as it will get the double speed boost from it and it's water attacks will be further amplified meaning Hydro Pump & Surf will be doing some insane damage.


Sometimes it will pack Ice Beam for the Grass types in it's presence but more often then not it will have Draco Meteor as it's STAB'ed, and at 140 Base Power will waste it's fellow dragon types a lot easier and generally cripple any Pokemon that has a low special defense stat.

Physical Kingdras will more likely be running a "Dragon Dance" set with Waterfall and Outrage. In Platinum, Kingdra CAN learn Outrage and with it's "Sniper" ability (Which allows Critical Hits to be EVEN deadlier then normal...does 3x instead of 2x) can fatally wound or OHKO most Pokemon if it carries Scope Lens or packs "Focus Energy" in it's moveset. EVs put into one or both of Kingdra's defenses should ensure it some survivability while it sets up.

Kingdra in the Pokemon AnimeEdit

Member's opinions on KingdraEdit

  • Resurgence thinks it is quite an underrated Dragon that is VERY capable of dealing a ton of damage to unsuspecting pokes. It has GREAT all around stats too in every field.
  • Kiske rather likes Kingdra and wished he had one.
  • Sonic thinks Kingdra is an alright Pokemon, but a better movepool would be nice...
  • Sylux used to hate Kingdra because of it's annoying role in Silver and Gold, but eventually came to like it.
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