SMRPG1 is the current owner and sole administrator of Nintendo Rocket. He as well use to be Activity Staff on Nintendo Rocket when he first joined and was later promoted to admin because he rocks. His username originates from the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The 1 represents the first Mario RPG game. SMRPG1 also runs Smash Legends. He created it over 3 years ago.

He comes from Canada, a place so awesome if you dare insult it, you'll be heading off NR faster then a SR-71 blackbird. Brad is a great debater, and also is fairly decent in Brawl, with his main characters changing every so often. He also loves to kick people's asses in Brawl, and has beaten so many people he couldn't make a tally chart as it would consist of too many digits.


"MSN or Ban!"

"How about a McBan?"

"Would you like fries with that McBan?"

"I dunno if you want it to "bring that shit". That "shit" might last five days.=P"


  • Most SLers on NR usually call him by his name, Brad, instead of SMRPG, because at SL people aren't retards.
  • Always refers to Captain Falcon as the "Craptain" because he fucking sucks in brawl, but is till the fucking man.
  • SMRPG plays Super Smash Bros Brawl and mains Lucario, Mario, Donkey Kong and Craptain Falcon.
  • He also administrates Smash Legends, a forum about Smash Brothers with a very large off-topic section. Many NR members are from SL, such as Sylux, Sonic, Super Ganondorf, Shambuu, Mutiny Maiden, Chopstix, Elusive, Resurgence, and Ashmnafa.
  • Brad is a Moderator at Neoseeker. He was the First Wii-Wii Mod.
  • Brad can be both very serious, and very laid back at times.
  • Brad has been admining forums for over six years.
  • Other usernames Brad goes by is Gotenks, Infinite Vision, .IV
  • First started admining sites back in 2002.
  • Only bought two video games in 2008.
  • Created another site before Smash Legends called Inuyasha Fantasy. It lasted 3 years.
  • Has been staff on more than 30 sites including Smash Legends, Nintendo Rocket, Neoseeker and iGTA.
  • Is a Wrestling fan.
  • Owns over 60 video games.

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