Kuro-Chi is a member of Nintendo Rocket that is known for her artwork and her liking of Pit from Kid Icarus/ Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Kuro-chi is, without doubt, the most hardworking GFX designer at NR. She designs so many different sigs, avatars and stamps if you lined them all up, it would reach the sun and back.


Kuro-chi joined Nintendo Rocket with the help of Resurgence. Kuro-chi was born in the year of 1992 on October 23. Kuro-chi discovered Nintendo Rocket through a chat with Resurgence on another forum called To the Z! She joined on September 18, 2008.

Personal LifeEdit

Kuro-chi likes to draw a lot. Most of her drawings are based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Fire Emblem. Kuro-chi is fond of some yaoi, her current yaoi pairing is IkexKuro which consists of Ike from Fire Emblem and Kuro, Pit's black alternative from brawl. Kuro-chi also cosplays for conventions during her vacation periods. Most of her time consist of making graphics with others. She is still learning to improve on her graphic making skills.



Amaranthine_day or Mar is Kuro-chi's friend in real life. She looks up to Kuro-chi for her graphics and her artwork even though Kuro-chi thinks that Mar is better at graphics.

White LightningEdit

White Lightning and Kuro-chi had a rough start at becoming friends due to Kuro-chi's current yaoi pairing. Over time she and Kuro-chi became good friends ever since White Lightning admired Kuro-chi's artwork.

Super GanondorfEdit

He was Kuro-chi's first friend on Nintendo Rocket. They became friends when he and Kuro started to discuss about Fire Emblem. Ever since then they became good friends.


Kuro-chi convinced Semphis to join Nintendo Rocket. Semphis and her started to get to know each other a lot better through AIM and chating in the NR Chat Thread. Kuro-chi gains confidence from Semphis whenever she is down.


Lavama was Kuro's friend when she announced that she liked Fire Emblem. Ever since they became good friends. Kuro also helps Lavama with his graphic skills sometimes.


Kuro met Neko through amaranthine_day. She met her on TotheZ! and became good friends. Kuro inspired Neko to make graphics.

More to come


  • Kuro-chi's user name is based on Kuro, the Pit alternative.
  • Kuro-chi is neutral on Whikeshipping.
  • Kuro-chi dislikes some of her own sigs, even though plenty of people say they are great.
  • Kuro-chi is an amazing Star Spirit.
  • They say Kuro is so good at drawing she actually can draw and post on NR at the SAME TIME.
  • Kuro-chi secretly likes MarthxRoy
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