Link is a fictional character and the main protagonist in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series of video games. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's core franchises, and has sold over 47 million copies worldwide as of 2007.[1] The series' enduring popularity has led to many incarnations of the Zelda story and Link himself; the character's first appearance was in the game The Legend of Zelda. Link has been featured in other video games from Nintendo, including its merchandising, comic books, and an animated television program. Link was awarded with a star on the Walk of Game in 2005, alongside Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Super Smash Bros Link 01

Link is depicted as a Hylian boy from the fictional land of Hyrule. His age varies in each game, usually varying from pre-teen ages to late teens. Link often travels through Hyrule, defeating creatures, evil forces and the series' primary antagonist, Ganon. To defeat him, Link usually requires the mystic Master Sword and Light Arrows, or a similar legendary weapon, obtained after many trials and battles gathering magical objects or using other items such as musical instruments and weaponry.

Link is one of eight characters initially playable in Nintendo's 1999 fighting game, Super Smash Bros.. He wears his traditional green Kokiri tunic, although the player can choose from several other tunic colors. He uses some weapons featured in the Zelda series, including bombs, boomerang and a hookshot. Link is one of the fifteen playable characters initially playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the 2001 sequel to Super Smash Bros.. In Melee, he uses a bow as well as the Zelda items featured in Super Smash Bros.. Also playable in the game, as a secret unlockable character, is "Young Link", based on the Ocarina of Time version of Link as a child. Young Link is more agile but weaker than the older Link in the game. Link was one of the first confirmed characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. His appearance was influenced by his character model from Twilight Princess.[citation needed] "Toon Link", a version of Link based on his cel-shaded appearance in The Wind Waker, is also a playable character in Brawl.

The only three NR Members who play a solid Link would consist of Ghor771, Resurgence and Super Ganondorf.

Member's opinions on LinkEdit

  • Resurgence thinks Link is an awesome Nintendo character and loves his style of game play.
  • Despite the many times Link owns Ganondorf in the series, Super Ganondorf is a fan of Link as well, being his first character he ever played as in a Smash Bros. Game. If Mario ever died, Link should be the next legit mascot for Nintendo.
  • Sonic doesn't think Link is anything special, but thinks he needs to stop sucking in fighting games.
  • Kiske doesn't care much for Link, but likes Toon Link.


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