Lucario is the popular Steel/Fighting aura generating Pokemon that made it's debut in the 4th Generation. It is a major OU threat in the Pokemon D/P Wifi meta game since it can go physical or special and has the stats both ways to back it up. It's know for mostly packing Swords Dance, Close Combat, Extreme Speed w/Life Orb to sweep in late game when it's threats are dealt with.


In SSBB, Lucario grows more powerful due to his aura as he takes more damage. Of course, you'll want to do your best to stay alive to take advantage of this HUGE benefit. He has a great "Counter" attack in that of Double Team, a nice projectile in Aura Sphere and a powerful grab slam called Force Palm which deals solid damage and knockback to the adversary.

SMRPG1, LunarFox, and White Lighting main this jackal of darkness and can utilize him extremely well.

Member's opinions on LucarioEdit

  • Resurgence thinks Lucario is a great addition to the SSBB roster. When he first got the game he was one of the most used characters of his. He also thinks he's deadly in the Pokemon D/P games since he hits HARD both on the Physical & Special side.
  • SMRPG1 thinks Lucario ia a great addiction to the Smash Bros series. Better than Mewtwo by far. He's a great character main and has been maining him for over 6 months. He's also pretty good in the Pokemon games to. But of course he prefers Lucario in Brawl more than anything else.
  • Sonic was greatly pissed off to see how Lucario got in Brawl over Mewtwo, and thus the guy uses Lucario as his punching bag in Brawl for "Revenge". Much like King Nothing, he wishes he'd die in a fire.
  • Kiske's opinion is Sonic's opinion reversed. He likes Lucario much more than Mewtwo, despite the fact that he never uses him.
  • Kuja doesn't care about Lucario in brawl. However he uses Lucario now and then on Shoddy Battle, where he was given the name "DEATHTRON HAMMER" after a move by Joachim.
  • King Nothing wishes Lucario would die in a fire.


  • Lucario has appeared in the Pokemon Movie "Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew". He also made some anime series appearences in the Maylene Gym Battle episodes against Ash and his Pokemon.
  • Although many people claim Lucario is just Mewtwo's replacement, they are different in nearly all aspects in Smash. The only moves remotely similar between the two really are their Neutral B and Forward Smash.
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