Lucas is the main protagonist of Mother 3. He is a timid young boy around 7-9 years-old (about 12-13 at the end of the game), that is similar in appearance to Ninten and Ness from the previous EarthBound games. Lucas is Claus's younger twin. After the intro when he grows up, he is drafted by Wes to find Duster and Kumatora. He learns PSI and begins to battle against the Pig Mask Army to be able to pull all 7 needles to awaken the dragon living under the Nowhere Islands, which will allow him a wish.

In SSBB, Lucas is a very welcome addition and makes a very credible splash in the game. His PK Freeze is a great way to incapacitate his opponents and pick them off with his strong PSI smashes. He can also multi-hit with his PK Thunder and has way more trajectory with it then Ness.

Menk is probably safe to say the best Lucas on NR right now. Some other fairly good users of him would be Kiske and Rust.

Member's opinions on LucasEdit

  • Resurgence sees him as a much greater threat then Ness because of his insanely powerful smashes and unorthodox aerial game.
  • Kiske mains both Lucas and Ness, but thinks that Ness is better overall (excluding recoveries).


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