"Lucid dreaming is so good I actually felt myself flying. Truly magical" ~Sylux

Lucid Dreaming is a ability in which someone can fall asleep and control their dreams while knowing they are dreaming. This technique is so good you can actually experience it as if it was real life. Lucid dreaming not only lets you control your dreams, but also allows you to experience anything with a vivid feel. From meeting a celebrity to meeting your inner mind.

Different types of lucid dreamingEdit

There are numerous types of lucid dreaming. Some are easier to do then others, while others offer a higher chance of a lucid dream. Here is a list of different lucid methods:

Members who can lucid dreamEdit

Several members can also lucid dream, believe it or not. However, some can do it better then others.

  • Sylux can do it pretty often, but has a hard time changing the scenery. He wishes to one day dream in anime.

How to lucid dreamEdit

Lucid dreaming is caused when someone is aware that they are in a dream. In order to gain lucidity, one must be aware in the art of the reality check.

A dream journal is handy too, as it shows you are serious about recalling your dreams. As well as a dream journal, it is recommended you have a high amount of memory.

Member's opinions on lucid dreamingEdit

  • Sylux thinks lucid dreaming is one of the top ten things to experience in life, being beaten only by life.
  • Rust thinks it beats life to a bloody pulp and makes him just want to sleep the day away.


  • Lucid dreaming can last for as long as the dreamer wishes. Once a dream lasted two years.
  • We all can lucid dream. It just takes high awareness to achieve it.
  • Lucid dreaming is the only way in the world to meet with someone who is not real.
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