Lugia is a Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. His first appearence was in Pokemon Crystal/Gold/Silver. Lugia, being classed as a legendary, isn't as used on wi-fi as one would think. He has a great unique dual type (flying and psychic) and also has some pretty cool attacks. Debuting in the 2nd Pokemon movie "the power of one" Lugia is classed as really powerful.

Lugia can be found and captured in the Whirl Islands, a place located within the Johto region. Apparently if Lugia roars a storm goes on for 40 days and 40 nights. If you say Lugia was the reason Noah's ark happened, your more nerdier then Bill Gates.

Member's opinionsEdit

  • Sylux loves Lugia, but only because of Lugia's ridiculously good move, Aeroblast.
  • Sonic thinks Lugia is awesome, but as far as legendaries go, he prefers Mewtwo, Registeel and Entei over it.

Credit to Bulbapedia for picture. Here is Lugia using the cataclysmic aeroblast. How could you not love that?


  • Lavama is Lugia's biggest fan on NR.
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