Metagross is the very popular OU Steel/Psychic type Pokemon that has a massively large attack and is capable of doing enormous damage when given the opportunity. Unfortunately his speed is not so great but if your running Agility on it then it's usually not a problem provided he comes in on something he resists.


He comes in many forms, CB Gross (Choice Band) which can literally waste most pokes with it's STAB'd Meteor Mash. Most standard physical Grosses can pack Ice Punch for Dragons, Thunder Punch for Starmie that resist the Mash, and some even have "Bullet Punch" as a SNEAK STAB surprise which can do considerably good damage when backed by Life Orb on something that doesn't resist it. Agiligross sets up on something that it resists and can sweep with Life Orb support. Specialgross which can attack with Choice Specs Grass Knot, HP Fire, etc. His versatility and unpredictability is what adds to his game too.

One of Resurgence's favorite YouTube Poke battlers Xerxes has an amazing Metagross and one memorable line from one of his vids would be:

"He does the mash.....he does the METEOR MASH!"

Member's opinions on MetagrossEdit

  • Resurgence loves Metagross and is one of the few OUs that he does use. He was quite pleased that he also came in as one of the pokeballs in Brawl to tear it up with EQ.
  • Sonic thinks Metagross is awesome, underrated on NR, and is a just plain epic Pokemon.
  • Kiske doesn't like Metagross and thinks that it is overrated, but not on NR.
  • Rey thinks if you don't like Metagross, then you're not epic.
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