Metaknight is the rather dark & ominous Star Warrior who wields the powerful Galaxia and created a monster airship in that of the Halberd. It is unknown whether he is Kirby's ally or enemy in the games. In the Hoshi No Kaabii anime, he serves his majesty Dedede alongside his fellow comrades Blade Knight and Sword Knight as a front. His true purpose is helping Kirby to mature and sharpen his ability as a star warrior.


In SSBB, he is VERY hated and considered by many to be the cheapest character in the game with his unbelievably fast multi-sword hit combos and spammy specials such as the Dimensional Cape, Mach Tornado and Shuttle Loop. He is considered to be Top Tier alongside Solid Snake in Tournaments since they have the best winning potential. He is also said to be banned in certain places because of his broken moveset.

Some very good MK players on NR would be Kirbyfan66 and Tidus Strife. Although both use him sparingly. Not very many use him for all the reasons stated above.

Metaknight in the Kirby AnimeEdit

Member's opinions on MetaKnightEdit

  • Resurgence frowns upon facing Metaknight users in Brawl since he tends to out prioritize everything he throws at him. He thinks he's cool in the anime however.
  • Sonic thinks Metaknight is a good character in the Kirby series, and is one of his favorite characters from Kirby alongside King Dedede, Dyna Blade, and Buggzy. However, Sonic thinks Sakurai went a bit crazy with him in Brawl.
  • Kiske likes him in kirby games and anime, but hates him in Brawl. SO MUCH.
  • Bazzoka stays away from choosing MetaKnight as best as he can. Even though he sees MetaKnight as a amazingly cool character, it doesn't seem right to use him on a regular basis.
  • Kirbyfan66 gets angry when people on NR say bad things about MK. He is an amazing character in KF's eyes. This is also the basis of his theory that people on NR hating overrated characters means they underrate them.
  • Lavama doesn't mind most MetaKnight's until they start spamming A, then he just camps. Over all, Lavama thinks MetaKnight is a Star Warrior Kinigit.
  • Sylux doesn't mind Metaknight that much, and thinks he's kickass in the anime.
  • White Lightning sometimes uses Meta Knight in Brawl, but finds his CPU to be rather easy to beat. She dose find him rather kick ass in the Hoshi No Kirby anime.


  • In addition to SSBB; Metaknight is playable in Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube), Nightmare In Dreamland (GBA) and Kirby Superstar Ultra (DS).
  • Metaknight is the only Top Tier fighter in Brawl without a projectile.
  • Metaknight is the only fighter in Smash History where his ban has been under serious consideration.
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