The Metroid species are large, jellyfish-like creatures with a visible nuclei. They are capable of absorbing the life energy from any living organism; generally causing the death of the victim in the process.


Metroid II established a five-stage life cycle in which the Metroids native to SR388 go through two stages of ecdysis followed by two stages of mutation, thus maturing through four forms: Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and Omega.

Super Metroid pretty much circled around the infant Samus comes upon after her epic battle with the Queen on SR388. It gets taken by Ridley from the space station to Zebes where Samus follows in hot pursuit. Later, it is discovered to have grown into a beastily size as it devours a Blue Sidehopper whole and almost literally sucks Samus to death until it finally realizes that she was it's "mother". In the Mother Brain battle, just as Samus is about to get demolished the mighty mega sized Metroid comes to her aid and sucks the life out of her arch nemesis. The Metroid then quickly tends to it's fatally wounded "mother" giving her new energy which in the end destroys Mother Brain who eventually comes to and kills the Metroid infant.

Metroid Fusion brought a new Samus. She had a new suit, but, she had Metroid DNA infused with her. To be perfect, it was the Metroid Infant's DNA that saved her from the X Parasite. It was found out that Metroids were the Consumers of X Parasites, and SR388 was invaded with X Parasites when Samus killed all the Metroids.

Metroid Prime introduced two new, Phazon-mutated forms: Hunter Metroids, which sport tentacles enabling long-range energy siphoning; and Fission Metroids, which divide into two new Fission Metroids after absorbing a certain amount of energy. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has a Phazon-mutated subspecies of Metroids, known as the Tallon Metroid. Instead of abosrbing all of their power from victims, they can feed directly off Phazon. They are born as Infant Metroids from cocoons and mature into adulthood when exposed to Phazon. Echoes also introduces Dark Tallon Metroids; Tallon Metroids corrupted by the Ing. In Metroid Prime 3, there are three new types of Metroids. The first you see are the Phazon Metroids. Phazon Metroids can phaze in and out of the current dimension. It is found in Skytown West/East (I don't know which it is). The next type was the Metroid Hopper, encountered on Norion, before getting Norion's Energy Cell. Lastly, there is the Metroid Hatcher, found in Norion Generator B, and the G.F.S. Valhalla.

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  • Resurgence thinks they are cool and was happy to see them apart of Brawl as an "Assist Trophy".
  • Kiske thinks that they are a bit creepy, but otherwise is neutral to them.
  • Lavama loves Metroids. If he had one, he says he would call it "Sucker". He would love to be one.



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