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A Quick Rundown on MorendoEdit

Morendo is a 70000 pound whale who surfaces from the depths of the darkest ocean on occasion to feast on children. Legends say if you whisper his name while punching yourself in the face 10 times he comes to you and grants you a wish. If you anger him he'll fuck you up.

No, not really. lulz.

Morendo began his invasion of the internet in March of 2000. He began his journey a board called zelda classic where he proved that certain people shouldn't be Fuck it. I'm not putting my history here. Maybe I should you know? Well whatever the hell.

Morendo now enjoys terrorizing various boards on the internet. Although there is a few he likes.


  • Ging
  • Simplyatbliss
  • Shambuu
  • Syarith
  • Kuja
  • Rey

Fuck too lazy to list anything else.

Random thingsEdit

Morendo has gone by various aliases. Kingofallme, Maglaucher615,DacowhunterX,Ryan61589,Th3Fad1ngM3mory,Reborn.

Now that you know this, you must die.

Morendo is a big anime fan. Check out the blog he runs with a few fellows Anime Pulp

Morendo is really really lazy. So that's it for now.

rey was not drunk when he wrote this.

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