Mr.Game & Watch is quite the unorthodox & unpredictable character in the Super Smash Bros franchise. He is actually borderline Top Tier next to Solid Snake & Metaknight in terms of overall usefulness in Brawl Tournament game play. His crazy moveset of flinging sausages, judgement hammer, spiking key, and his multi-hit lobster can make life for even the toughest of opponents a living hell. Add to the fact most of his moves are quite fast and can chain one into the other almost instantly.

Smash Bros Brawl Mr Game and Watch

No NR members except Kirbyfan66 and Max Loire main G&W at this point in time but SMRPG1 & Pkjd both used him for a short time in the past and played him pretty well.

Member's opinions on Mr.Game & WatchEdit

  • Resurgence thinks he is unique & interesting addition to the Smash series. Sees him as a dark horse that can surprise even the best opponents with his wacky moves.
  • Sonic likes Mr. Game and Watch and actually used him plenty in Melee. He also used him a lot frequently at thee beginning of Brawl's life, but apparently spammed his Dair.
  • Max Loire think's that Mr. Game & Watch is amazing, and would marry him if she could ^_^.
  • Kuja has always wondered how something with no depth can hit or can be hit by three dimensional objects. .... oh and also has him as his secondary character.


  • Mr.Game & Watch got his start from the Nintendo mini handheld "Game & Watch" games.
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