Mr. DS is a trouble maker of NR. He's what people consider to be "a noob holding a candle". Mr DS is a mischievous NR member, and was the one responsible for the pathetic attempts of a raid on the night of November 22nd. He also holds the record for "most violent Sylux'd". He has a trophy in his home.


Mr. DS met NR after seeing Nintendo Rocket from Sylux's sig. Originally coming from a board called Nintendo villains, it was from there he decided to be active on Nintendo Rocket. However, he was a questionable member in terms of quality, and had a thing for the IPB.

He soon reached over 800 posts, but was soon violently banned.

The banningEdit

Mr. DS was banned for more then a few reasons. Some say it was his rep lowering abuses, others say it's him submitting NR to a thankfully closed site called skin rips. However, he is most famed for being the noob who caused the spamming at Nintendo Rocket.

The return of Mr. DSEdit

Mr. DS returned on the day following Nintendo Rocket's reopening on August 15th, 2009, to report that his account is currently banned and should be unbanned. After question of identification, it was later determined that Mr. DS was trying to have his account unbanned.

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