The NR Chat Thread is a place where members of NR go to... Chat. Very simple, really.

In 2008, it was the most posted in area of the year. Many famed members, such as Sylux, Resurgence, Chopstix, and more could be found there. There was also some spam in there, but it was a small issue. The only member that did not like the Chat Thread was kirbyfan66, since he thought it was too overrated. Which is ironic, since he loves Brawl.

In 2009, the dominant Chat Thread of 08 was scrapped and the new Chat Thread was made, cleverly named NR Chat Thread 09. With not many posts, Kirbyfan rid of his excuse of overrating and posted, as well as the 09 starters, such as Morendo.

To this day, these topics are the most popular on NR. Even The Brawl Frontier pales in comparison to 08, and 09 is rumored to do better.


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