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Ness is a young boy who is about 12 years old and has psychic abilities. He is the main character of Earthbound/Mother 2. He was born in the town of Onett, in the fictional country of Eagleland (which is supposedly made to resemble America.) He commonly wears a red hat, a t-shirt with blue stripes, blue shorts, and red sneakers, although he occasionally wears clothes such as a black t-shirt, blue shorts and sandals and other types of clothes. Ness has also appeared in every game of the Super Smash Bros. series to date. Ness is often viewed as the most popular character in the Mother series.

The only two NR Members that play Ness exceptionally well would be Tidus Strife and Kiske.

Member's opinions on Ness Edit

  • Kiske thinks that Ness is a rather cool character and mains him in SSBB. Ness ranks among Kiske's top characters of all time.
  • Sonic thinks Ness is awesome, but can't use him for crap in any of the Smash games thanks to his recovery.
  • Resurgence thinks Ness is pretty underrated in Brawl and can be quite deadly if used well. Doesn't use him in Brawl but he did main Ness in the original N64 version however.
  • Kirbyfan66 despises Ness. He thinks he is an all-around useless character who doesn't deserve to be in Smash, let alone a great game like Earthbound. However, in Brawl, Ness moved from his worst to his 3rd worst, despite hating Ness the most in Brawl.
  • Bazzoka thinks Ness is a great character in and out of Brawl. This is somewhat biased since Earthbound was one of the first games he had ever played and loves the MOTHER series ingeneral.
  • Shambuu likes Ness and uses him on Brawl. He thinks Ness's clone, Lucas, was a bad addition to the game.
  • Sylux, unlike Shambuu, prefers Lucas over Ness.
  • HarvestMoonFreak has the almmost exact same opinion as Shambuu.
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