Ngmyster is a member of NR. He was a member of the the Invisionfree NR, but it took damn near forever to join the Jcink one. NGmyster is known as a green ninja, as his skills show.

NGmyster is a great artist, and can be seen drawing pictures of Pit, Scyther and others. However, he can't show these pics because they are so awesome they'll break the computer screen of anyone who looks at them. NGmyster can normally be seen at NR at night, because he has to work, unlike 93% of all NRians, who are lazy guys/girls. His late login times mean he can easily communicate with American members who are on later in GMT time.


  • NGmyster's favorite Pokemon are Scyther and Lucario
  • He owns you in football. No one in NR is as good.
  • They say every full moon he goes to find shurikens.

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