Noxus is one of the bounty hunters in the game "Metroid Prime Hunters." He has gained an infamous reputation as the 'weakest' character in the game, but for all the wrong reasons.

The CharacterEdit

Noxus is unique with the fact that unlike most other Metroid Prime Hunter characters, his affinity weapon becomes WEAKER. (Trace is also unique, in a regard, but we don't care about Trace at all.) He can freeze people, but is only useful unless you're right at their faces. (SEE SHADOWFREEZE.)

He also turns into a TinningSpot. He curls up and starts to wobble around like a drunk maniac. What's more he takes out some sort of weird spike/stick thing and tries to trip people up. It's pretty good to have a AntiAlt-AltForm, but it lacks movability unlike the rest of the Alt Forms.


Noxus isn't one of the strongest or weakest characters in Metroid Prime Hunters. However he is considered 'weak' for the players who abuse the 'Shadow Freeze' Glitch. These players quote:

"If one intends to use the Shadow Freeze glitch, they must be aware that this is among the most hated and probably the most frowned upon glitch in the entire Metroid series. It is considered cheating and you will be considered weak. "

The Shadow Freeze glitch allows people to be able to freeze anyone from any range anywhere at any time instead of the very short blast radius Noxus usually has with his Judicator weapon. Of course this is apprently the cheapest tactic in the game.

Apprently it's cheaper than people who cheat at the game using DeathAltHacks, Wall Glitching so no one can kill them, Weavel hacking so he can place his turret whereit can't be destroyed and blocking everyone elses paths and the Alt Spammers who do nothing but stay in ALT FORM.

These are only a few bugs within Metroid Prime Hunters. But apprently not being able to hit the oppoenet when they can OHKO is less cheap than being able to freeze in a straight line from anywhere.

Members on NoxusEdit

  • Kuja Is his favourite hunter in Metroid Prime Hunters. He also uses the Shadow Freeze glitch, but considering the amount of Alt-Spammers, Wallhackers, Normal Hackers and Weavel abusers, plus no way of complaining about it in game unless they want to suffer a loss, Kuja doesn't mind Shadow Freezing at all.
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