Pokemon is a very popular game series, and one of the best selling in the world. Catching them and raising them in Poke balls, NR likes the series thanks to the unique variety of Pokemon available, as well as numerous characters. Almost all frown at OU Pokemon, a type of Pokemon used too much.

Notable SpeciesEdit

  • Mewtwo is the subject of several Ranthog rants, mostly revolving Super Smash Bros.
  • Rhydon happens to be Sylux's favorite Pokemon. As well as Crobat and Roserade. However, that's not all he likes in Pokemon.
  • Gengar, Cloyster, Raichu, and Clefable are among Kiske's favorite species, and he and Sonic take over their identities in the IRC often.
  • White Lightning favors Entei and Jolteon the most out of all the Pokemon. She also likes Lucario, Bellsprout, Haunter, and several others.
  • Lavama favors Eevee, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and the two Skunk like Pokemon. His favorite Pokemon of all time is Lugia.
  • Kirbyfan66, while embarrased to say it, favors Pichu in both Poke'mon and Melee.
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