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Pokemon Trainer is the main character of the Pokemon games. He has gone under many names, which include: Ash, Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Seth, and Diamond. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he takes the appearance of his Fire Red/Leaf Green appearance, Red/Ash, and uses (in this order) Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. In Brawl's SSE mode, he teamed out with Lucas to defeat Wario and Galleom.

The member who BEST uses Pokemon Trainer on NR would be Rust. Resurgence and Kiske occasionally use PT from time to time as well.

In the Pokemon games, Crystal and up, he has had a female counterpart. She has gone by the names of Crystal and Pearl.

Pokemon Trainer ClipEdit

Member's opinions of Pokemon Trainer Edit

  • Kiske likes Pokemon Trainer both in Brawl and in the Pokemon games. In Brawl, Ivysaur is his favorite.
  • Resurgence thinks PT is cool and occasionally uses him for fun! His favorite of the three Pokemon and best played would be Squirtle.
  • Sonic thinks Pokemon Trainer is alright in Brawl, but fails hard with Squirtle and Iyvsaur, so he has to rely solely on Charizard to do anything with him. The Pokemon games are a whole other story.
  • Kirbyfan66 has always loved Squirtle ever since 1999. He has always hated Ivysaur in every aspect, despite loving Bulbasaur. Charaizard is the mixed card- he hates him out of Brawl, but finds him, in the least, decent in Smash Bros.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Pokemon games, he never speaks, but in the manga, anime, and Brawl, he speaks often.
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