Popcikle is an ordinary member of NR, mostly known for being the dictator of the IRC. He is a massive fan of the Kirby and Pikmin series. He is so big of a fan it even got Sonic to give him his own usergroup known as "Ridiculous Kirby Fanboy". Sylux disapproved and took his group away.


Popcikle is a member who currently resides in Australia. Quite the humid place, eh? Popcikle joined NR after SyluxJr advertised the forum on NF. Popcikle joined NR then, and is still active now. He has since posted metric tonnes of posts from his hands, and he now resides within NR's IRC.

Popcikle later left NR temporarily after learning that not many people liked him. However, one fateful day, Sylux dragged Popcikle's ass from youtube (by the tail) and he was forced back into NR. There he continues to live to this very day.


  • Popcikle is colorblind.
  • Popcikle mains Olimar in SSBB.
  • He is currently trying to learn the art of the Ocarina.
  • He also likes reptiles and amphibians, and loves the IRC.
  • He sees Chanserv as his one enemy.
  • He has a natural gift for being the dictator of the IRC.
  • He is most likely the biggest Kirby fanboy after Resurgence you'll see in a while.
  • Sonic and Popcikle often have arguements over whether Bowser or Kirby is better. Its very obvious who is rooting for who. Ocassionaly Ike or Ganondorf join in if particular users come. Usually this is over the IRC.
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