Porygon Z is another OU threat in the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Wifi metagame. An exceptional asset to any team because it's Special Attack is just simply amazing. It sits at a very impressive 405 and can be FURTHER boosted with "Adaptability" (Tri Attack and Hyper Beam get an additional 2x boost on top of STAB) or "Download". (Raises Atk or Spc.Atk depending on which defense of the Pokemon it's facing is lower.)

It has a very varied movepool as it can learn Psychic, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Solar Beam and Signal Beam. It can even use Nasty Plot to further boost it's already incredible special attack, or use Agility to gain the upper hand in speed as well. Usually, a set involving one of those support moves can be expected to carry Life Orb as they rely on switching in on something it resists to set up effectively.

Most Porygon Z tend to sport Choice Scarf to out speed faster threats such as Garchomp, Gengar, Weavile & others. Others carry Choice Specs to further intensify it's attacking moves making it more likely to OHKO with Tri Attack or super effective hits.

Porygon Z in Battle RevolutionEdit

Member's opinions on Porygon ZEdit

Resurgence says it's one of the best special sweepers in the game. He believes a Adaptability & Choice Specs STAB'd Hyper Beam is capable of OHKOing Blissey.

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