QuinKilo is a normal member of NR. He is considered a great person by many of the people on NR. He also likes to use his alternate name, Quin Kylar, to make him sound a little more official. He considers himself to be one of the more level-headed of the members and is probably one of the most modest ones.

Information on QuinEdit

He is a big fan of the Zelda series and the Sonic series, and apparently may have ideas of combining the two in his collection of "Tails as Link" sprites which can be found in his art thread in the Graphics section. Having his "Tails as Link" sprites for most of his forum hopping years, he often portrays himself as it simply because he can't think of a better way. And the fact that many members already do it anyway.

He is also one of the few people on NR that's a fan of the Vectorman series. He and Sonic are proably the biggest ones on NR and both want a third installment in the series.

Quin is also the owner of his own meme, the raising of his eyebrow (*Quin Raises Eyebrow*), and is slightly defensive about others using it.

He's also the author of two fanfictionals. His more recent one, 'A Darkness Deeper Than Black' and his long running, now three years old, Orpheus Incursion. Both star Tails as a central character, but Darkness Deeper is a 3rd person horror/suspense while Orpheus Incursion is a 1st person, Stream of Conciousness, from Tails' perspective of his adventures in Orpheus, a planet Quin created just for the fun of it.

He also often complains about having so much homework that it cuts into his story writing time.

He was forced to leave the forums due to homework early on in December, but returned in late January of 2009 only to dissapear a few weeks later due to a reaserch paper being due in several weeks and stayed off due to homework. He should be back in mid-June.


  • Quin is so good at story writing he almost became president of However, this was foiled by Vaati101.
  • Whenever Quin raises his eyebrow, a tidal wave forms.
  • *Quin Raises Eyebrow* at the above statements.
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